Kindergarten Study

This is a longitudinal study to learn more about children as they grow. Some children who were born very early have problems in school while other children do well. We want to learn why some children develop differently and how to help them. We are also interested in children who were not born early so we can have a more complete picture of how children learn.

Our study started in late Fall 2013 and recruitment ended in  summer 2016. Data collection was completed in June 2018! We are very busy analyzing our multidimensional longitudinal data and writing up papers for publication. In July 2018 we submitted a competitive renewal application for five years of additional funding to continue to follow our study participants (ages 9 to 13). Stay tuned!

Who participated in this study?

  • Children who were born premature (less than 33 weeks)
  • Children who were born full term (38 to 41 weeks)
Children entered the study just before they were starting kindergarten

What is involved?

  • Child-friendly activities that measure learning, problem solving, and other skills
  • Measures of brain development

Study visits take place at the UCSD main campus in La Jolla
Scheduling is flexible and we will work with your schedule, including sessions on weekends if you prefer
Parking will be provided for all study visits

What will my child and I get from being in this study?

  • A brief summary of your child’s performance on the standardized tests and a picture of your child’s brain
  • Compensation for time and travel
  • We will follow your child as he or she starts first grade and second grade and provide you with information on their progress


This project is generously supported by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver

National Institute of Child Health & Human Development

Grant #R01HD075865